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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Breakfast Club, Spanky Van Dykes, Sneinton Lights, Bunkers Hill and my hair 2% sexier!

Hey there!

Had an awesome weekend with the Breakfast Club, We Played three gigs!

Oh, and this happened a week ago, just for the laughs!

First was the Nottingham lights festival, in Sneinton:

The second was Bunkers Hill, for which we have no pics, we were a little drunk by this point!

Then the next day was Spanky Van Dykes, which was amazing! Our big gig with Redrox supported by Anywyn Williams, Ric Birtill, Bud, Adam Clarkson (of Captain Dangerous) and compared by Tom Stevenson of Youtube fame. It was AWESOMEEEE!!!

We don't have many pics because the camera ran out of batteries here! Everybody was amazing. Bud were beyond incredible, I think they will be famous pretty soon.

Ric sang his song about Putin being gay, which was shared by Pussy Riot on Twitter!

Here's Anwyn being amazing completely acoustic:

And Bud being just making everyone happy!

Sorry I couldn't post something by everyone, or I'd be here all night!

Anyway, now I'm home I decided to relax and use science to determine whether I should put my rent or a haircut first... It seems I look 2% better with short hair!

Thanks science!



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