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Tuesday 25 March 2014

Malaga and Spanish Castle Magic

Well, today I really started enjoying myself. I was ecstatic.

As I walked along the harbour road the shore spread out to my left and right. To my left, the harbour and the city, stretching out into the distance. To my right glorious sparkling beach for miles and miles, and more city behind it, as far as the eye can see. This was gonna be a big cookie to swallow. Where do I start?

With lunch. On the beach. I was tempted to bring my ukelele on my Malaga adventure, but its weight put me off. I regretted this at once, because playing a ukelele under palm trees has to be done at some stage. I’m going to befriend the costume tech and make a strap for it's case. Still, it made for a good chill. I stopped for at a cafe for a drink and texted home. Then I started to walk upwards towards what looked like a castle.

Below the castle was a winding steep zig-zag pathway up the hillside intersected with the most glorious gardens imaginable. I was absolutely awestruck. The view was stunning. The city, the bullring and the pier stretching out ahead of me, capped off by the Majesty, waiting for me in the distance, funnels smoking.

About half was up I met a classical guitarist, busking. His playing was splendid, boisterous and soulful, yet completely completely relaxed. We started chatting. He asked me if I played – I said I did, and he handed me his instrument. I said I played pop, but picked out my wobbly version of Angie. He was gracious about it. He told me to look up Paco De Lucia, that he was the No. 1 flamenco player in the world. He also wrote on my gpad envelope 'Entre Dos Aguas'. No idea what that means, but when I get google, I'll check it out.

The graffiti on the leaves of the plants in the garden was one of those little things that really sticks with me.

After that I climbed up to the castle. It was breathtaking. I see what Jimi meant with Spanish Castle Magic now. Amen brother! The view was a stunning panorama of the whole city, most intriguingly into the most enticing private swimming pool I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, back down the hill, I decided to find a post office. Asking for directions, I failed pathetically. Still, I did find a tourist tat stand that sold stamps and had a baby post box. I popped a birthday postcard in for mum.

Ah crap! Another camera fail. All the pics I took today went onto the internal camera memory. I don't have a lead for the camera. I can't find a way to copy them! GAAAAH!

Anyway, then I went for a long walk around the town and saw heaps of bits and bobs that I just thought were fab. The dry river down the centre of the city was particularly beautiful, I have to find out what the graffiti on it reads.

Last nights gig was a belter. Loved every second. Thank god I’m back on form. Or someone at least :-)

Adios! xxx

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