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Monday, 24 March 2014

Casablanca... (play it Sam, play as time goes by...)

I have played it again Sam several times already on this cruise, and week! I’ve also got a recommendation to see the doctors, but I don't think bunnies will be happy if I have a day's rest. I'll also loose my pay. Lol, no sick pay here as you might imagine.

So yeh, Casablanca is absolutely nothing like the film. Initially all I saw was the docks, which were big and concrete. I followed the busy road into town, which was intersected by train tracks simply running through the middle of it. If a train came, the traffic stopped for it I guess, no need for level crossings here. Zebra crossings, as with all Morocco are a battle of will between motorist and pedestrian. I do recognize however that as a pedestrian I have more to loose in a game of chicken. I love the smell of four star in the morning!

Getting into the town was a fairly straightforward, although the sun beat down on the path, with no shade. My water leaked into my bag, nearly ruining my medical form, so I had to chuck it.

Casablanca, delightfully, is very similar to Marrakesh with its market stalls and ramshackle streets. I found a chap who was incredibly keen to be my guide around the town to get what was on my shopping list: A watch, Honey, Lemons and Argon Oil.

The watch was a breeze. I'd had a gentle bollocking from an officer for looking at my mobile for the time – it's meant to be under-decks at all time for crew. I was also sitting in chairs by the window which is also not allowed for crew. I’m guessing I’ve been breaking a whole shed-load of rules without knowing, but the officers instead of talking to me, talk to the entertainment manager. I’m really lucky this lady spoke to me directly and put me straight, as its far more the decent thing to do. She recommended that I bought a watch from the ship. 'They're like eighty quid though!' just kind of slipped out of my mouth. She raised an eyebrow and said 'Well?'. I forget that most of the people on board would drop eighty quid in a heartbeat, at least those above deck 2. Anyway, Casablanca yeilded the watch Portimao wouldn't, and a fine specimen too! Cheap, cheerful, but very pretty.

The argon oil was sold to me with great zest. Argon oil is unique to the Morroco, and has properties of prolonged youth. Its made from nuts grown in trees, which are climbed by goats to graze in the shade. Now you may laugh, but I’ve seen this first hand! I’m going to have some on my bread for breakfast.

Lastly, my guide, who was actually a Berber from the Atlas mountains (I’ve been there!) took me to buy some honey in a little pot. He promised it would cure my throat, and charged me ten euro for it. Any day I say, it tastes like liquid gold. My guide told me he moved to Casablanca because life is a little more dangerous, exciting I guess he meant.

Last night sets were pretty grim. It's getting harder and harder to sing. I’m praying to doctor will let me stop. I don't care about the money anymore, I want my voice back.

Au revoir!


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