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Friday 30 December 2011

Christmas, Drum Tracks & Conjunctivitus

Where do I even begin?
What a month! First of all, the 'Elusive Love' music video is finished. It took an age, but its done. Here it is.

I've played a whole heap of great gigs, Skegness, Cleethorpes and a bunch of Lincoln ones. Christmas Eve at the Crow's Nest was great, with free beer and a free lift home. It was a fantastic gig. 

We've also recorded four songs for the new Ian Brough album, 'Car Crashes and Part Time Lesbians'. 'Suspect', 'Emma Taylor', 'Roulette' and 'Prick' all have drum tracks played by me. I'm not much of a drummer, but apart from a few slight timing slips they sound good and powerful. There are also bass, guitar & vocal tracks down.

I also wrote a christmas song, during a drunken party night. I recorded it on christmas day, and here's the demo on youtube:

Unfortunately, Boxing day brought me a cold, and I'm now pretty poorly. Viral Conjunctivitis has just hit me and I've spent a couple of days in the dark, but i've not missed a gig, even if they make my eyes hurt. 

Here's a laugh: some christmas busking:

The other excitement is that we're fast approaching 10,000 youtube hits! so please, click through my youtube channel and enjoy some of those videos!


Sam :-D

Wednesday 7 December 2011

Freezing Cold Video Shoots, Christmas Market Busking & Candlelit Brayford Romance

Hiya everyone!

Another trippy week, First of all the Breakfast Club were busking at the christmas market last friday and saturday, a great time was had by all. Mike took some amazing photos for us, here are my faves:

Ciaran, Brow (he's not a suspect) and me

Ciaran & I

I glow!

I'm not sure why I'm licking my teeth, probs to warm them :-)

While we were busking we were approached and booked by to play at a candlelit anniversery surprise on the Brayford front. It was so romantic! Ciaran and I played for a young guy and his partner out on a little jetty, lit by candles and covered in flowers. It was wonderful, and I'm really inspired to be more romantic myself - Definitely one of the best gigs I've ever played!

Afterwards, Ciaran, Liz and I went out in the freezing cold to film a video for elusive love. The idea was to shoot a video at night by torchlight, as this implied searching. It went pretty well apart from the cold which prevented us from getting all the footage we needed. I think we're going to have to go back and try again another time. Shucks! Ah well.

Its a race against time to have the studio ready for the first of Brow's sessions next week. We have a wall left to paint, a full drum kit to re-skin and lots of mic placement experiments to work through. Anyway, gotta head out to a gig at the Tap, so cyas soon! :-)

Sam x