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Wednesday 28 March 2012

Twenty Two, Morocco, London & Reflection...

So the albums out, what happened next?

Firstly, check out Sam Coombes killer article in the Linc!

Well, we've sold a whole bunch of copies, and I've played gigs all over the country, including finally, LONDON! Yeh, I played a three song set at the Camden Head and went down a storm. The standards are high in the capital but not so high I couldn't compete, which has given me all kinds of confidence.

I also turned 22 - I got the best birthday present ever! my wonderful girlfriend Liz had my album pressed on vinyl, achieving one of my lifetime ambitions. It was cut and pressed in the U.S. and to pay for it all my friends chipped in. If you want to see the shock on my face when I found out, check out the youtube link below!

While having a bit of an age crisis when I realized I really wasn't a kid anymore, I decided to write a list of all the things I'd accomplished while being 21 - here's the list:

  1. Played at the Edinburgh Festival
  2. Payed in London
  3. Played in a stadium
  4. Released an album professionally
  5. Had said album pressed on vinyl
  6. Got an agent
  7. Raised £120 for Medicins Sans Frontieres (doctors without borders - my favorite charity)
  8. Began to drive
  9. Moved into my own place
  10. Sold my first record on iTunes
  11. Took my piano pupil through Grade 1 Piano (he passed!)
  12. Produced an album for Ian Brough (nearly two!)
  13. Reached 10,000 youtube hits
  14. Had my first proper album launch
  15. Played in Nottingham/Derby/Northampton etc.
  16. Drove to Edinburgh & London
  17. Played in a sweet shop
  18. Made my first (three) music videos
  19. Marched in London against the tuition fees rise and the public sector cuts. I'm especially proud of doing this because its what I believe in and I want to be able to tell my kids I fought for their rights to education and welfare.
There's probably more that I've missed out - I know there is because 50% is too kinky to be put on the list - but I can't think of anything else.

The next awesome thing I did was going to Morocco. I stayed with my mum in the hotel Tikida Gardens in Marrakech, a real once in a lifetime trip. I can't begin to explain how amazing this was, and I'm not gonna try. I'm making a holiday video and I'll post it when its done, but I'd ramble forever if I tried to explain everything I saw. It's always been an ambition of mine to see Africa, and I will go back, I know that for sure.

Oh, P.S. - check out this awesome radio show from the Unhinged team - it's their first show and its really good. I'm playing live at the end of it, the first recording of the song 'Bodies'! Also featuring the very awesomely Ciaran Grant.

Big thanks to Rachael Carter for having us on the show!

cya soon,

Sam :-D