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Monday 16 September 2013

We're On Tour: Day 9 - Stratford Upon Avon

The final day of our tour I found out how to make the tour work - it was a roll of good look.

We set out in the morning, with the main objective of finding a pub to play in at night. The first pub we went into, asked for a gig and we were given one. At this point the realisation set in that we'd spent eight days not doing this, which is exactly how we should have been doing it.

Anyway, after landing a paid gig at the Old Tramway, we walked into Statford to enjoy the beautiful scenery. I stopped on the way to pick up some menus from a restraunt, and was rewarded with mulled wine for my trouble!

 Then, we stumbled across Shakespeare's old schoolroom - past the closing time! Still, the students running it let us in for a look around. So much luck!

The gig went swimmingly, really enjoyed it! Here's some pics:

After that, we left for home. Tour over. Nevertheless, I expect to be out here doing it again soon!


Sam x :-)

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