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Monday 9 September 2013

We're on tour! Day 1: The Trawl, Grimsby

Hello there,

This is the first post accounting the first proper Sam Harrison Music tour! We've set off in our van Molly, myself and Grace my lovely girlfriend, to play some set dates and search out some new venues off the beaten track.

Our first stop is the Trawl in Grimsby - but before we get there we make sure to have some adventures!

Important Shoe Prep

Crisp Curtain
We're now at Cleethorpes having seaside fun!

In Cleethorpes on a wall doing seaside stuff

Foolin' about in the van

Tour map - silver stars are places played, red dots are places visited in Molly

Plannin' the tour

Grace looking' pretty

Best use of a keyboard stand in cookery
 After plenty of fun, we rolled up at the Trawl in Grimsby. The venue was packed, the crowd were really great and it was an awesome night - I well overplayed my set time and loved every minute of it! Two lovely people bought my C.D. and that paid a big chunk of our petrol!

Playing at the Trawl
Keep an eye out for day two!

Sam x

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