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Wednesday 28 August 2013

The New Record 'The Wish' is Finished!!!!

Dear lovely blog readers,

I have big news. The new record 'The Wish' is finally available through iTunes and Bandcamp. It's recorded on a 1960's tape machine and sounds really special!

The Wish - Sam Harrison

This is what it looks like. Please get stuck into it! Links are below:

If you buy on iTunes, please don't forget to give us a rating, be kind! :-)

This album has taken us nearly a year to complete. This is because I played every instrument myself, and finding studio time to record in this way is very tricky! Also, recording onto a 1964 Scully tape machine that'd not been running in at least 30 years threw up quite a few problems. Anyhow, I think in the case of each song I've gotten a good representation of the sound I heard in my head.

The wild card in this respect is Ketamine Kim. I never meant to record this song in this way, at Rob, my producer's request I threw down a demo of the song, which suited the sound of the record so well it had to become part of it. It sounds kind of haunting and incomplete, but very different and I hope it will be refreshing and unexpected.

OK, I'm gonna give a little bit of a breakdown of whats on the album, without giving too much away. If you don't want spoilers, don't look!

1: Intro - You'll just have to listen and see for this bit!
2: Let's Pretend - an ambient love song about meeting and falling for someone with the backdrop (in my mind) of uphill Lincoln. 'Let's meander for a while/On the broken bones and cobblestones of this deserted town'.
3. Ketamine Kim - This is a song about a young girl whose drug addiction renders her homeless and deals with her relationships and lifestyle 'As long as her pulse is beating/As long as she's still eating/Kim's a homespun hero'
4. Lying On Your Bed - A song about being in love for the first time. 'As we shiver and we quiver here together, I must admit I feel a bit naive'
5. Rockstar - Just for fun, this song is a bit of self satire after a drunken episode I'd rather forget. 'I pass out on the floor/what the heck did you bring me back here for?'

Anyhow, thanks so much for reading, supporting and (maybe) buying the new record - you guys rock, independent music needs peeps like yourself!

please have a lovely time with it and I hope it gives you as much pleasure listening to it, as I love the songs, even after hearing them sooooo many times.


Sam xxx

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