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Thursday 9 May 2013

Breakfast Club Mixes

I'm currently sat in the Long Haired Music studio in Spilsby with Ciaran having spent a long 12 hours mixing the Breakfast Club's third album.

It is sounding amazing - so much more professional than anything the BC has ever done! Rob Harrison has outdone himself with this mix session.

We're behind, and its looking like we're going to have to book more studio time out to mix the final three songs.

Oh, great news - I'm now lead guitarist in Red Light Return, which means Ciaran & I are in three different bands together! We've also been learning songs today for my next solo album - which is sounding boss. We have bass parts learnt to 'Sing Baby Sing', 'Sex Games' and 'Deamons'.

OK, so here's our essentials for mixing sessions:

  • Bring work - I've bee soldering, Ciaran's been designing our album cover on photoshop.
  • Bring biscuits - Snackage is essential, especially with only the over-priced co-op next door. I brought biscuits and instant noodles with me and I've still spend over a fiver in extranious food supplies.
  • Happy Shopper orangeade - by far the cheapest and highest quality luxury soft drink on the market. Only 49p and sugar free!
  • Bring a book - although I hardly read mine, I did enjoy half a chapter of 'Sex Life' by Pamela Stephenson-Connelly. Thank-you bargain bookshop! BTW, very interesting how our attitudes to sex are shaped by early experiences. A good read so far.
  • Bring your laptop - We now have wi-fi again!
  • Bring a bubble wand - OK, that one's none essential, but it did make me smile blowing giant bubbles in the studio while mixing 'Pushing Up The Daisies'.
You needn't bring:
  • Too much money - You'll spend it.
  • A map of Spilsby. It's tiny.
  • Condoms - Get real. This is Spilsby.
OK, bit of a boring post, but I'm keeping you updated! ;-)

cya soons,

Sam x

(and Ciaran)

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