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Monday 9 September 2013

We're On Tour! Day 2: Waltham, Whitby and the Yorkshire Moors...

Day 2 of our tour we headed north out to Whitby. First we doubled back on ourselves to Waltham, just out of Cleethorpes, to visit a car boot sale and see one of the coolest places we've encountered so far! It had a windmill, museum and railway carriage cafe all in one!

At Waltham - I thoroughly recommend bossin' it through here!

We stopped off in Beverly for a refuel and a chill...

Naked Phonebox

Found this typewriter really interesting 'cause the hammers come down from the side...

Parked in the Yorkshire moors

Grace eats soup

 We arrive in Witby - we climb the 199 steps and check out where Dracula attacked his first prey in the UK - we then visited the ruined Abbey and bummed about a bit.


I drinka your blad!

Camerashy Grace

This piano playing puppet was the highlight of Whitby for me!
 Later on, I wandered round the pubs trying to get some contacts. Eventually I ended up at the Pier Inn, and jammed out some mega tunes with some lovely people who I'd really love to meet again! again folks supported us buy buying the CD!

Till next time!

Sam x

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