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Friday 13 September 2013

We're On Tour! Day 7 - Skegness - almost sleeping in a bed!

This was a bit of a slow day - the night before I'd driven back from South Wales to Lincoln with Grace asleep on the seat next to me. We stayed in Lincoln the night, cleaned out the van (a right state at this point!) and headed out to Skegness. The Skeg gig was at Meany Bo-Beanies, a sort of Gangster themed bar, which was really cool, although right at the end of the season there weren't many people about. Even so, a lovely chap bought a CD and that bought us take-away in the next town - a luxury we really failed to do without for the trip.

The gig was great fun tho, and I got to play a bit of piano, so I was happy :-)

Oh, n checkout the light-up dance floor!

We headed off for Birmingham that same night, and slept there.

cyas peeps!


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