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Tuesday 8 October 2013

Melton Music Cafe, The Grosovner Hotel, RedRox Launch Night!

OK, just to keep everyone up to date, we've had plenty going on and all of it good!

Gigs are coming in like wildfire, many from out of Lincolnshire, sourced from our recent tour.

Our most recent gig with at the Music Cafe in Melton Mobray, one of my favourite venues I've yet played in! Filled with lovely people and a very warm atmosphere, this little cafe is dedicated to music lovers, hosting improptu gigs and favoured local artists. I'm back here on the 21st of December and I can't wait!

I've also recently played at the beautiful Grosovner Hotel in Skegness, which was also a really great crowd. My standards of playing are also really on the up, and with my piano and a loop pedal now at every gig with me the show is far more exciting than before. Rebooking are now commonplace, which means I must be doing something right!

The Breakfast Club (my band) also played the RedRox Projects launch do at Bunkers Hill in Nottingham. The night was great fun, and RedRox seem to have some great ideas. They are a sort of PR agency/management group, brainchild of our good friend Roxy May and maybe just the thing for our bands struggling to get heard.

The Breakfast Club album is being mastered this week, so that should be great to finally get it out and on sale, as its our best work yet by a long long stretch.

Also pictured below is William that tiger, Grace's birthday present. A lifesize stuffed tiger we found him in a charity shop and I had to get it for her, even though its more money than we could really afford. Hey ho! What's life if you don't indulge in a lifesize Siberian tiger every once in a while?

Hope you's all well, stay lovely webfolk,

Sam x

Live at the Melton Music Cafe

Grace's Brithday Present

Live at the Red Rox launch

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