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Tuesday 11 October 2011

Car Trouble, Yoga & Moonlight Sonata

I actually fitted a car battery today! I'm pretty pleased with myself. Sure, I had my dad there to help me, but all the fitting was me, with no instruction. OK, maybe its not that impressive, and its a menial task that pretty much anyone could achieve given the tools, but hell, I can barely work the washing machine!

I've had a few problems with cars recently - on the way to a gig in Skegness with Ian Brough (shall henceforth be known as Brow), we ended up in a 60mph crash that could well have killed us. I walked away without a scratch, although without the finesse of bond. Brow had some horrible scars from the seatbelt, but he's well on the mend now. Unfortunately, my car was several feet shorter than it ought to be, and a load of my equipment was smashed. My thousand pound Tanglewood acoustic guitar was literally in splinters.

The next two weeks I sank into a deep depression, and I spent a long time in a state of shock. I didn't stop gigging, even the night after the crash, when I could barely stand up to play. Eventually though, I pulled through, completely due to my family and my wonderful girlfriend Sian. I realized very quickly from the minute my mum and dad rushed to the scene to find me, through the ambulances and hospital that I have an amazing support network, including my dad. I'm indebted to them all, especially my Dad who's helped me get a new car and back on the road.

So, my new car's insured, and I take it out for the first time, to a gig in Hykham. The gig is a bit shoddy and can't wait to get home. I go out to find my car has been rolled over and smashed to pieces. I couldn't believe it at all. To cut a long story short, some drunken punters had smashed it up indiscriminately. We've got it repaired - nearly, and the perpetrators have footed (most of) the bill. Unfortunately, we can't afford to have a new door fitted, so we're fitting a scrap door ourselves. Hopefully then I'll be able to drive safely again, although I can't help but feel a little Jinxed.

I've kept busy without my car though, I've still been gigging all over Lincoln, hosting my open mic nights at the Golden Eagle & The Burton Arms (see for details). I've also drank an awful lot and been to a heap of parties, which was lovely after so long nose to the grindstone, but I think its time to straighten out again - after all, its probably going to take me till next year to pay my dad back for the car. The good news is that I'll be launching my album soon which will pay for some of the damage in profits, and our dear family friend Julie is holding a halloween-concert-party-knees-up sort of thing to help raise some money to sort it out, which I'm so insanely grateful for its really difficult to articulate. As I say, I have an amazing support network.

On a slightly less heavy note, I'm bashing my way through Moonlight Sonata on the piano again. I learnt until about sixteen bars before the end and gave up a few years ago, and this time I'm determined to tackle the annoying difficult end section. Its a bit harder for me as I don't sight read music, so I have to commit the whole piece to memory, and there's a lot of notes in a beethoven sonata. I will master it though or probably not die trying!

I've also been taking Yoga classes from a pretty woman on youtube named Sarah. Yeh, I was bored at five in the morning, so I figured I'd learn Yoga, as I've begun to get narked at how unfit and stiff I am. I've discovered I'm very supple and it really suites me apart from my back is pretty shot from lifting speakers from my back not my legs. Hopefully, this will exercise it a bit and stop it feeling so painful all the time. I would certainly recommend it though, it feels very Zen, if a little bit hippy dippy. In the video links was 'Tantric Yoga' and that sounds especially interesting.... Although if its like anything like tantric sex, I'd get impatient.

on that note, I'm gonna get some tea and practice with Ciaran Grant!

Sam :-) x

P.S. Don't forget to check out if you haven't seen it already! :-)

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