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Thursday 21 March 2013

What's going on? Absolutely Everything.

It's hard to know what to show you tbh, as so much is happening - where do we start?

Lincoln is buzzing with music. Long Haired Music had a lavish launch party - thrown by me! video footage is on youtube, type in long haired music launch. Today I tracked a record with Helen Francis, so she'll have some more vids up soon, all on the xclamation music channel so keep watching there! I love how dedicated and determined Lincoln's musicians are, they make my work worth doing.

The Breakfast Club are going from strength to strength - our third album is tracked and awaiting mixing. It sounds amazing. We keep gigging all over, getting re-bookings (to my amazement!) and it seems like everyone wants a piece of us.

The other day in Northampton two complete strangers started writing our set-list for us - with our songs! They turned out to be incredibly sound and 'Strawberries' is now their song. due to an on-stage whim of Brow. It felt strange but good that people we don't know are getting into our music and coming to see us :-)

As for my solo stuff that epic E.P. is going to be coming out VERY soon. I'm writing more and more and an album is also in the pipeline. A while ago I promised more video - check this out!

That's from my album launch last January. Finally done.

If you'd like more from the BC, check out this clip of us rehearsing our new album :-)

More info to come I promise! no more blogging gaps for me :-) I'm getting some some new equipment in april that will make me sound better and let me record live concerts! I literally can't wait...

cya soon you lovely people!

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