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Friday 8 March 2013

Lizzy Sawyer - E.P. Review

OK, never posted a review before, but I'm listening in the middle of the night and this is something you HAVE TO HEAR!

Lizzy Sawyer's E.P. is probably the most beautiful record I've heard in the last year. These songs really are incredible - the writing is impassioned and honest. These are live performances and they really breath, right down to the tape hiss barely audible in the background this record is seriously perfect. I'm just gutted there's only four of these songs - I demand more! :-)

Recorded on a 1964 Scully tape machine, completely live as a one day project, I lent Lizzy my one roll of tape, which meant we could only capture four of her beautiful songs, a fifth narrowly escaping the final release. Rob Harrison has made the Long Haired Music project worthwhile with this record alone.

Anyway, buy it, love it. Plug in your headphones and listen on your own. Lizzy will creep inside you and rattle your demons x

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