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Monday 28 November 2011

Nottingham & Northampton in a Day, New Song, Studio Progress...

oh oh oh, I'm on twitter! #samofthex

....exscuse me....

Hello all,

3.30 in the Tuesday morning, back from L4 with a heap of gear to organize -  I sure do work for my money! Music all girls and vintage guitar collections ya know...

Anyway, gigs are going well, few new places, plenty of friendly faces through re-bookings which is nice. Last Wednesday I did Nottingham Uni in the daytime for the Prince's Trust, and ended up in the Spread Eagle in Northampton, staying with the renowned Maggie singer Ian Brough & his mum (who I sadly didn't get to meet). That was a hellish tiring day, and driving back only to teach straight away on the thursday was no plain sailing. Radio 4 was the only thing keeping me sane. Oh, how I love radio 4! Honey  voiced pseudo intellectuals reading me stories and debating non-issues - its just so friendly.

Oh, I've uploaded a new song to youtube - its called 'A Tiger Named Tamara' after Ciaran's flatmate MJ's stuffed tiger. I hope she doesn't mind me stealing her Tiger's name....

My Dad's helping me no end at the moment, because while I'm working myself to death gigging, he's painting my studio walls for me. We've made a great team in stripping out our crumbling old back room, and re-decorating from the crumbling plaster walls up. We have to be painted and decorated however by the 15th of December as that's when Ian Brough begins the recording of his second album with me (whoop! repeat customer!).

If you have a bit of time and you fancy it, please give the bottle it up video another watch - I'm hoping for at least 600 views by christmas (I was going for 1000, but that's a little bit unrealistic). I'm hoping my youtube channel will reach 10,000 hits by new year too!

Yeh, I'm sad lol.

I think thats about everything, had better get back to work...


Sam :-)

P.S. - Did I mention I'm on twitter? #samofthex lovelies!

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