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Wednesday 11 July 2012

Very Rambling Post

Oh my days... I haven't done a blog post in... well.... forever!

And so much is happened! Crap!

So dear readers, what has happened to me in the interim time of my amazingly slow-rolling blog posts? Hold onto your hats while I tell all!

***INSERT: I'm playing at the olympics! more on that further down...***

Well, right now I'm blogging from my brother Rob's new studio Long Haired Muisc where we're mixing my new songs from tape. Well, he's mixing. My job is to tell him I want more bass so he can tell me I cant have it :-)

I hope you noted the phrase 'FROM TAPE' - yes readers, the next Sam Harrison album is being recorded on 1" 8 track tape, the same format the Beatles made Abbey Road on, that the Stones made Brown Sugar on, that Led Zeppelin did all their good stuff on. Don't believe me? Look, see, revel in the awesomeness!

What else has happened since March? Well, my mate, maestro, fellow breakfast club member Ciaran Grant directed this bang tidy video to go with my old demo of the L Word - It also stars the amazing Lincoln musician Helen Francis, who made everybody cry by not being happy through the medium of acting :-) if you know Helen, you know she is made out of cheer and unhappy Helen is a sure sign of impending apocalypse or something. You also get a generous look at my ass, you dirty people!

 Oh yeh, Breakfast Club are only completely playing at the Olympics. Yeh, in all seriousness, out of thousands of applicants, they picked the Breakfast Club! We're playing about eight different sets to entertain the olympicky people. We're playing all over atm tbh, doing quite well on the gig front.

Some amazing things have happened in my sex life too - its a such a shame that I can't publicly share them on the internet.

What, you want to hear?

Well... maybe I could...

NO! and that's that you pervy readers - honestly, is sex all you think about?

Well, your reading my blog, which means you've probably bought my record so probably yeh. Its OK, you'll hear all about it on the next album ;-)

What else can I share with you? I suppose that I've written such a mountain of songs I can't get 'em all down. The next album will be a right hum-dinger. You'll see. I've lost all track of where I'm going with this, so I'm gonna leave it and write another post when I remember what I've forgotten.

Keep it real, homies. garages. lawns.


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